Traffic for Opt In Page

Why Buy Solo Ads from ME?

100% Human Traffic, NO BOTS.

As my list grows with more fresh leads, I will be updating pricing as well as the number of clicks you can purchase.

I only do ONE niche –

Only sell clicks for Make Money Online or BizOp niche.

My traffic is 90-95% T1.

My Clicks are Better Because?

My clicks are real people. I scrub and filter all my traffic.

I also block bad traffic.

These clicks are not bot clicks and I personally scrub users that get on my list that are bad for business. ie.. whiners, complainers, abusive replies to your emails, etc.

Included in my traffic are buyers.

Clicks Defined:

Clicks are just that – Click to your opt-in page.

You must have an opt-in page.

I will not send clicks directly to an offer or non-opt-in page.


I do review your opt-in page before running traffic to it, so if it’s not an opt-in page, as stated above, I will request a new link.

Your opt-in page copy will determine whether or not the person opts into your funnel.

All I guarantee is I will send the number of clicks you purchase + 10- 15% over delivery.

The timing of delivery of your purchased clicks is dependent upon how many other buyers I currently have.

Are there any guarantees or refunds?

There are no refunds on traffic.

No one gives refunds on traffic.

I don’t guarantee any sales or anything crazy like that.

Your opt-in page and follow-up sequence of emails must be ready.

I will give you 15-20% over delivery as I see fit.

If you become a weekly buyer or regular customer, we can negotiate better pricing as well as more over-delivery options for your next order.

Other than you get the number of clicks you purchase, nothing else is guaranteed and there are absolutely NO REFUNDS.